You can now bet on different sports with greatly enhanced odds.Even though the competition is intense in the UK, you can still have loads of fun. Betting companies will hold on to 10% of your winnings in exchange for some exhilarating gambling and they also provide a lot of useful information. I am a keen football fan and bet quite a bit on it.

I have given a list below and the 1stcompany mentioned in that list is run by a Managing Director from Sweden and incidentally is also one of Europe’s foremost companies in its category.

You can Click here to visit the company’s home page on your own browser window. Just one click will enable you to witness a vast array or statistics and other vital data and I personally advocate this company as one of the best. I can also say that I have actually won fairly large amounts here without noticing any gripes. You can visit the website by just clicking here.

If you truly want to be a winner then read this important piece of information, which no one else will be ready to tell you:

Every bookmaker will try his best to limit the winnings of sports betters. Winners usually end up frustrated by bookmakers that try various tricks in the book such as limiting stakes to re-direct money into their pockets and canceling winning bets by drawing your attention to words written in fine print that anyway mentions that they can pretty much do what they desire. You might also have to wait for ages for your winnings to materialize.

A much more dangerous breed are bookmakers that are, in reality, fraudsters since winners will only end up losing everything as they will never ever receive any winnings. You can visit and get additional information regarding such fraudsters that only feed on the money collected from people that will eventually end up losing.

On the other hand, bookmakers that are in Europe can provide you with an opportunity to win tax-free winnings without harassing you while also offering excellent odds, since this is the key for your sport betting system to work its magic. Since your earnings are in % to the next day, it is imperative that your stake be as high as possible.

Before you start, please take some time out to read this since I feel that you should have an idea on the limits that allow you on the amount that you can stake. You should also have detailed knowledge on filtering out those bookies that will not make you wait 3 weeks for your winnings.

I have gained this vital knowledge through years of experience and after winning numerous times and hence whatever I have written is based on my own experience. If you want to make real money and not fall prey to fraudsters then you simply need to stay together with good bookmakers.

Note: Remember to take the starting bonuses whenever it is offered by the bookmaker and use them to maximum effect. Anyway, it is free money!

There is a wide range of betting companies for you to choose from.

Given below are some of the top notch bookmakers:

Ladbrokes. In addition to being the world’s largest bookmaker, this bookmaker also takes the highest stakes even when you win.

Expekt. This Swedish bookmaker is not averse to take large stakes. In addition to sports betting, this is one site that is quite easy to use as well as entertaining.

Pinnacle. This bookmaker accepts large stakes and is certainly one of the top bookmakers around. You will need to take care since the odds change rapidly so it would be better if you first bet here. If a tennis match has already started then avoid laying a bet since if you do win, they will end up
canceling your bet. I am also note quite certain as to whether they have a license to operate in Europe.

Nordicbet. This is a Scandinavian bookmaker that accepts big stakes and also takes a longer time for them to limit your stakes.

888sport. This is an Australian bookmaker and is one of the final ones that is willing to accept large stakes. Remember to play on their European site if you want your winnings to be tax free.

Unfortunately these are the only 5 best bookmakers that can help you once become a winner.

This next section mentions good bookmakers that remained good until I started winning a lot and due to this problem, there is a system to lose back to bookmakers.

Unfortunately you lose your popularity with these bookmakers once you start winning, and believe me, you are certain to win once you use my sports betting system. Although I cannot reveal my actual earnings since those amounts are confidential, you should place your trust in me if you too want to win some serious money. My knowledge has been sharpened through 4
years of betting with more that 150 bookmakers and only the best bookmakers have been mentioned here.

Mentioned below are some good bookmakers that were really excellent
before I started winning too much.

Sportingbet. This bookmaker will permit you to even stake more than EURO 2000 but only as long as you keep losing. Once you start winning they limit the change to very few EUROS. You should take all the bonuses that are offered, place your stakes high and pray that you do not win since you will be able to win with my sports betting system on the other side. This is one excellent bookmaker provided you keep on losing.

Bet24. Even though I was allowed to place reasonable and big bets and have also won quite a lot, the problem always arose when I tried to take out my winnings that were above EURO 2500 since these come under the purview of the money laundering regulations, although withdrawing small amounts were no problem. They were also quite rude to me and harassed me until I complained
about their behavior on a blog, upon which they promptly apologized and even sent me a gift of EURO 30.

Unibet. This is another Swedish bookmaker (they are usually honest) and they also take reasonable stakes.

Betshop. This was one bookmaker that was really bad around 2 years ago due to a habit of canceling winning bets. However, they have redeemed themselves and now accept EURO 200-250 per bet. However, once you start winning, they will limit you to EURO 100 and if you still keep on winning then they will further reduce it to EURO 50, which is still good since in the past they would
have put you on a limit of EURO 0.5.

Mentioned below are some good bookmakers that accept lower stakes but will also limit your stakes once you start winning.

5dimes. Although they are good, their odds change quite quickly and their interface is a bit congested. and are both the same but since they appear as 2 separate interfaces you can bet with both and can hence place more stakes. This is an excellent bookmaker. This too is an excellent bookmaker.

BetandWin. You might have seen this bookmaker in the form of a big sponsor of football matches on TV. You will also be offered good odds by this bookmaker and can place reasonable stakes when you start. Even though they will limit you once you start winning, you will still be able to continue betting without any problems.

OlympicSports. This site is run by Nick the Greek who is a first-rate bookmaker but the odds change rapidly and the interface too is quite congested.

Bet-At-home. This is one good Austrian bookmaker. The problem with Austria is that bookmakers can run their show even if they do not have a license and this enables crooks such as “bets4all” to operate from Austria and act like genuine bookmakers until the time arrives to pay the winners, at which time they back out.

Guts odds and Partybets are again the same even though they appear as 2 separate ones
and you can raise your stakes by betting on both.

Guts odds. This is a European bookmaker based in Gibraltar.

Partybets. Again, this is the same as above and you can bet on both these sites to raise your stakes.

Totebet. This is an English bookmaker.

ViktorChandler. This is another English bookmaker.

Mentioned below are some more bookmakers that will quickly put a limit on your stakes as soon as you start winning.

Although these bookmakers are honest and will even have high odds, they will anyway limit your stakes but your winnings are assured. Remember to take all the bonuses and hope that you do not win since my sports betting strategy will help you to win at the other end.

Whether it is to get at the deposit bonuses or whether you plan to expand, you can surely choose these bookmakers. You might not require a large variety of bookies but you should firstly have sufficient money and you should also rotate your money depending on where your winnings are located. If they tighten the screws on your limit then simply move on to another bookie just like I have done. Mentioned below is a list that goes from good to ugly.

Interwetten. Even though you should be careful while playing on Austrian sites, this one is quite good.

Betway. Even though this Swedish bookmaker is honest, they are still quite quick in placing limits that are quite high.

Betbet. Again, even though this Scandinavian bookmaker is good, you might find your stakes getting limited to just a few EUROS within a very short time.

Bet365. Again, a rapid limiter.

Olybet. This is one more rapid limiter.

Intertops. Same problem, Rapid limiter that reduces stakes quickly.






Oddsrings. Here is an Austrian bookmaker that makes you mostly wait until your bet is finally accepted. The odds are similar as in Betshop. Many a time Oddsrings has displayed high odds but later on prevent you from betting.

You might find a few bookmakers missing from here. I assume that I have managed to miss testing only around 10 bookies from Europe and the rest are simply not worth mentioning since they either rarely present high odds  – betting arbs (arbitrage betting = sure bets) which are actually required for the free sports betting software or they take ages to pay out, or simply harass winners, cancel winning bets or are just thieves out to suck your money away.

If you do not want to lose your money then remain with my list of recommended bookies. If you want to receive your winnings then it is better to stick with them. It is because of bookmakers that dupe winners that Betting Exchanges are gaining an increase in market share.

Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are totally different since these are sites that allow punters to bet against each other and the winners only pay a commission to the Exchange. You can allow someone other than you to place a bet by giving odds -lay odds. This is basically the odds from the bookmaker’s side which is usually not possible for a punter.

Just visit to read a superb article written by Gert Gambell about lay odds. While on the upside Betting Exchanges love their winners since it increases their turnover, on the downside they also take their share of commission. Betfair can take a commission of up to 5%, hence odds of 2 on Betfair would actually be 1.95. Mentioned below are some Betting Exchanges, starting out with some of the best.

Wish you all the best while betting.