People expect honest bookmakers that have the decency to honor their odds when they play through such bookmakers. When you gamble, you do not get a chance to change your bet after you have placed it. But at least bookmakers should honor their odds, especially when you play with sure bets. If you have placed your bets through 3 bookmakers at odds of two more and if one bookmaker out of those 3 cancels the bet then chances are that you could lose your entire investment. Some of my bad experiences with bad bookmakers are given below. is one such bookie that did not pay out my winnings. I found out that this was their usual practice. I put pressure on Internet1X2 every day to remit my winnings even as I wrote to the Belize Gaming Board. I also contacted MasterCard through which I played along with Visa and informed them that they were allowing criminals to exploit honest people by allowing them to utilize their payment system. My mails were also not answered by Internet1X2 but eventually when I contacted Bill Dozer and requested a search engine to blacklist their site, they finally apologized and sent me my money. However, I would simply not like to play through them again. is one such bookmaker that just did not pay out my winnings initially. I finally got paid only after getting in touch with the police in Austria and getting my complaints published on various forums. I also learnt a lot from Gert Gambells site on how to take similar actions and it finally paid off, although it took months. These criminals only pay up since they do not like adverse publicity or any other trouble. returned my bet money a day after my bet. The odds were excellent when I put in my bet but when all the bookmakers lowered their odds significantly this bookie canceled the bet while referring to their fine print. I then shifted to another bookmaker although Europlay was at least partly honest since they returned my deposit back to me because many bookmakers insist that you must bet it 3 to 4 times before you become eligible to get your deposit back. Remember to stay away from bookmakers that subsequently cancel bets. Since odds can change without warning, a good bookmaker is one that always honors placed bets.

Vieerkle is one more bookmaker that conveniently accepted my valid bet but when I won, they simply cancelled everything over 100 EUROS. Since I usually won there, they just reduced my maximum bet to 100 EUROS. Such bookmakers are unfortunately quite common.

Unfortunately I can only wish that such bookmakers display a notice on their sites that “Only losers are welcome”. It is due to such heartless bookmakers that Betting Exchanges are becoming successful day by day. Remember to re-calculate the odds by incorporating their commission charges when you gamble through Betting Exchanges. Some of the famous Betting Exchanges are ComeOn, Betdaq and good bookmakers only.

If you have been cheated by a bad bookmaker and have landed up on my site then my thoughts are with you. However, this site will offer you invaluable tips on how to win your money back and how never to lose a bet in future.