Yes, of course it is possible for you to win sports betting online every time, but not by gambling. Instead, the sensible way to go is to put your money on sure bets (betting arbitrage). Visit this site where you will be able to understand this strategy in detail. is a website for betting and gambling and although you might not win each and every time, you will still be able to play without losing.

Let me make this very clear: you can play yet never lose. Either you will win big bucks or at least win back the value of your bet.

The Sports Betting System – How can you only win and never lose a sports bet?

This sports betting strategy will guide you on utilizing many bookmakers that offer the highest odds on different results (betting arbs). Hence, if you are betting on a football match, you will need to bet with different sums on all possible results, 1X2.

The odds too must be decided in such a manner that betting arbs arise = a sure bet result. For example, a bookmaker might have odds of 2.05 on player “A” in a tennis match while another bookmaker might have odds of 2.10 on player “B”. This might happen hundreds of times in a single day. Since there are several bookmakers and thousands of matches, you simply compete with the odds.

The difficulty lies in finding sure bets. You will need to check on various bookmakers and then formulate a formula where betting arbs = sure bets. You could also utilize the odds betting service, where you can simply punch in the odds and select the amount and whom to bet on. You will be shown the results immediately i.e. the size of the bet and the amount that has been won. In case there is no result then you simply get our betted amount back. This method is much more satisfying since it enables your betting capital to keep on growing every time you gamble.

Free Sports Betting Software

When you locate a betting arb then this betting calculator will help you to win on 1X matches.

When you locate a betting arb then this betting calculator will help you to win on 1X2 matches.

The main problem though that consumes a lot of time is the bet arbs. There are various betting companies that give sure bets against payment.

Please bookmark this link where you can observe sure bets when you click on “sure bets – take your money”. The problem here is that they only show limited bets and this information too is sometimes displayed late.

Mentioned below are some examples of the bets that I have personally made:-

Academy Awards – Best Director
Oscarsgala – Peter Jackson – Will he win a best director award?
Yes – 1.33 – TotebetXpress
No – 5.13 – PinnacleSports Sure bets 5.32%
Academy Awards – Best Foreign Film
Oscarsgala – The Barbarian Invasions – Will it win?
Yes – 1.44 – Olybet
No – 3.60 – PinnacleSports Sure bets 2.78%
Academy Awards – Best Actor
Oscarsgala – Sean Penn – Will he win a best actor award?
Yes – 1.80 – TotebetXpress
No – 2.39 – PinnacleSports Sure bets 2.60%
Football – African Nation Cup
Mali v Guinea
1 – 2.20 – Kwette
X – 3.25 – Ukbetting
2 – 4.60 – Betfair Sure bets 2.04%
Football – England – Division
Rotherham United v FC Reading
1 – 2.86 – Betfair
X – 3.45 – BETDAQ
2 – 3.95 – BookMaker Sure bets 10.73%

Football – England – Division 1
Rotherham United v FC Reading
1 – 2.63 – TotebetXpress
X – 3.25 – PremierBet
2 – 3.95 – BookMaker Sure bets 5.89%

Note: As a % bettings arbs (sure bets) is independent of the result. We simply gamble and put all the money and maybe even the highest odds on one result while putting money back on others. This gives at least the investment amount or even much more that the % that is mentioned here.

Since I have researched quite a bit more I can offer you some additional help. There are hundreds of sure bets that take place every day and it is imperative that you bet quickly since the odds too can change just as quickly. Visit to get some more important hints and do not forget to get that special online sports betting browser.

I personally recommend using Firefox along with tabbed browsing and also with these additions: Roboform, Colorful tabs, IE tab and finally Tab mix plus. Whenever I initiate Firefox, an odds betting service along with 4 Betting Exchanges and 40 bookmakers pop up in various different colors and also in my previously sorted order. I can now easily and safely log on within seconds with Roboform and can simply locate any bookmaker within no time.

If you want to gamble using my method then you must register yourself first with many good bookmakers. Use the good bookmakerlist to directly register yourself but without putting in any money now. Whenever you decide to play then you can simply put your money using Moneybookers. This option will enable you to pay in and also withdraw your money lightning-fast as compared to other options that can take days or even weeks to materialize.

The problem is that when you play through 25 to 30 bookmakers then it might get confusing since you might not know where all your money is during any given time. The solution is to use the free betting software betting calculator side where you can simply enter all the data, take a printout and then put it in a file. Once you have the data in your file then you can just create a spreadsheet in Excel that mentions the bookie’s name, the amount that you have put in, the amount that is in play, the name of the game with the date and the amount that you have won. If you do not maintain a detailed record, you might forget where your money is lying and also how much. If you want to make handsome profits then you will certainly be required to choose the maximum number of bookies and select the highest odds for each result.

Although, it might seem tedious and boring at the start, once you proceed through the learning curve and start winning then you will start to have fun. The money might start coming in as a trickle but slowly-and-surely you will be able to correctly bet heavily on any match and start popping champagne even as you watch your winning results on television since you just cannot lose.