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How do you make payments while betting online?

Once you have opened the accounts with different gambling companies then you will be required to transfer money into those accounts. You can use Moneybookers or your credit card or even transfer it from your Bank account. I have found Moneybookers to be the best since it works 24 hours on all days of the week and is also the fastest.

Remember that you should always make your first deposit in Moneybookers otherwise the bookmaker might not allow you to utilize Moneybookers to make any withdrawals and you might need this money to rotate your winnings since you might also need to bet again at different bookies.

For sports betting online, there is no other payment system in the world faster than Moneybookers and you can get additional info by clicking on to

Another easy way to deposit money is by bank transfer or credit card and you only need to click on “Deposit”. If you use your credit card then you will need to fill in your card details and also the amount. Remember that some bookmakers might charge you around 1 to 3% of the transfer amount.

Since many companies provide a bonus on the 1st transfer amount, you might actually find that your account shows more balance than you had actually deposited. This bonus too will vary depending on the bookmaker.

How can you withdraw your winnings?

You can simply click on “Withdraw” or “Payout” and transfer the money either to Moneybookers or to your own bank account or instruct them to send the cheque to your own home. In case you have chosen the cheque option, you might have to wait for around two to three weeks and you might also be charged a fee by your bank.

In case you use the transfer option then your money will be transferred within 2 to 4 days after you have filled and submitted the details of your bank, which you will get from the “Home Page” of your bank.

If you want to bet at a faster rate then you will require faster pay outs and it is for this reason that you can use the services of Moneybookers. It would be ideal if you could get your money in even before you open your account with a bookmaker.

Is Online Betting legal?

Online Betting is legal along with sports betting provided you play within the European Union. Additionally, if you will anyways never lose a sports bet if you are using my free sports betting software.

Will your earnings be tax-free?

As long as you are in the EU, your winnings will be tax-free. The laws of EU are superior to any domestic law.

What is Paypal Betting?

Paypal is a web wallet based payment system, which is very good for online companies that sell their goods and services over the internet. However, in sports betting online, it is not of much use since bookmakers do not accept it. In sports betting online nothing can top Moneybookers.

What will be the transfer costs?

Whatever bookmakers have been recommended by me usually do not charge any transfer fees.

You can get best results by using Moneybookers to transfer your funds, especially at sites like Redbet where your money will be transferred in mere seconds. You can also choose between getting the payments in your credit card or bank transfers if you do not want to choose Moneybookers but remember that some gaming companies do not support bank transfers and will only send you your money by cheque.

Some Helpful Online Betting Payment Tips

If your bookmaker charges you for payments that you bring in your account then you should let your winnings remain in that account since if you plan to play on sure bets then you can utilize this money with those bookies. Anyway, you will be required to choose only when you bet.