There is no doubt that my favorite of the legit online casinos is a supercasino!

Description – here you will learn why I like a supercasino better than any others. You will find it to be one of the great legit online casinos so please read on to understand why!

I have been betting online for several years and looked at many betting sites and casinos. I searched for the biggest jackpots and the best games and among the legit online casinos I settled on the supercasinos. This is a website that has got the lot!

Here you can visit the very best of the supercasinos, but before you head over there, I want to tell you some more about this online fun island…

My favorite casino

My explanation of my supercasino dream

You need to understand that my dream of a supercasino will probably be different to yours. Some people will only want the casino to accept Bitcoin and provide free spins and consider anything else irrelevant. Without a live lottery game you may think a casino is not for you.

Having tried just about everything from Bitcoin roulette to the normal slots at 7spins, I made a list of all the must-have things for a top online casino.

My favorite casino must have:

* Excellent customer support and security
* Large game variety, which includes games of the mini casino type!
* The largest jackpots
* The best in casino bonuses
* Games for smartphone and tablet
* Action!


I accept that the vast majority of online casinos try to provide these points. But I need to tell you the truth here, few have a perfect score on these things. At the end of the day there is one clear choice that you need to discover.

I find that time both stands still, and flies by when I am in my supercasino. With insane wild jackpots that you will love you won’t need to look for a different Bitcoin casino either as this is long established with Bitcoin and they give you free spins too!

So, let me provide you with all of the important details!

Sports betting tips in your supercasino!

It’s true, it is a must these days for legit online casinos to have a sportsbook. You can still find many sites that don’t get it. They continue offering nice casino games but completely disregard the rising interest in bets on sports and other events. It is exciting to receive tips for sports bets and the casino can easily do this.

You can get into racebets straight from the casino. There is no need for you to know a lot about this. Always bear in mind that Google is your friend if you have any questions. You can really find out fast how to place bets on greyhounds or get the best experience from betting on golf.

The best sites for betting online have a number of critical elements in common. The first point is that they need to appeal to everyone from the experienced race better to those that are brand new and want to focus on arbitrage bets.

This is what you will find on the best sportsbet websites:

* You can bet on the NBA
* Place soccer bets for all leagues
* Sports betting across the globe
* Place live bets and see live streams for the sports
* Placing bets on sports deemed unusual
* Betting on political events

In short, they give you the best sports to bet on and more. They will provide you with the best offers on bets so you will save money on your sports betting. You have the opportunity to receive bonuses on certain matches which increases your enjoyment when you are betting!

Despite there being many sports betting websites I have a real favorite. This is the website that provides the best sports bets for me and also the chance to play online casino games at the same time. This eliminates the need for other bookies online. No more wasting time trying to find the top gambling websites online as it is all right in front of me!

Using my smartphone to place bets online.

It is also important to get the sportsbet tipping right on the phone. The best online bookmakers really understand this. With so many mobile users now all of the best bookies provide their services in a mobile friendly format.

However, you should be advised not to take this for granted. Even today there are some bookies that don’t have an app for you to use on your phone so that you can place bets on sports and get the latest insights. You will discover that only the very best sites will offer you an app like this!

To get the sports information that you need on your mobile device it is often a good idea to look at new betting websites. The problem is that they are not usually able to provide you with the best bingo, casino and poker experiences on the same website.

Get yourself involved with the great experience of live online poker!

A few people that really know poker is a thing of the past. These days there are numerous poker sites and it is pretty easy for you to find an empty seat if you want to play. I recommend that you learn more about poker sites before you get involved in games for real money.

While it is true that a lot of the top gambling sites offer live poker it is not necessarily the case that you will find the best poker experience here. If you want to play online poker, it is recommended that you choose a website that is reputable and offer the most entertaining poker games.

Consider these things:
* A live poker game online is often played at a rapid pace – You need to understand poker well before you get involved.
* Know about poker faces online – The way you bet determines your poker face online. Vary the way that you play from passive to aggressive and somewhere in between so that you bamboozle your opposition and be the victor!
* Casino style poker – Usually this is different to the games offered by other online poker websites. If you are playing Caribbean Poker in a casino, you are playing against the casino software, not against other players like in a Texas Holdem poker game.
* Be careful with money – Playing high stakes games of poker can cost you a lot if you are inexperienced. Start by playing the tables with other players that have the same experience and keep clear of the sharks until you have the knowledge and experience to grab hold of their fins!

An online poker bonus is always good.

When you are at the best supercasino that offers the top online gambling, it will be easy for you to get some great poker bonuses when you play poker. Use a good room for poker, you are likely to get a match bonus and a lot more besides. Possibly you could get a rake back and other worthwhile perks.

But don’t rely too much on the bonus. Consider it to be a plus which could lead to some free games. Always remember that a bonus is not the be all and end all. Take into account that a bonus for a live online poker game is not always available. You need to know that this is dependent on casino setup and policy.

A casino that offers poker rooms and poker games may allow you to apply a casino bonus when you play poker with them. Check any rules applying to the use of a bonus and use it in a smart way.

Choose the right poker game

A lot of people choose online Texas Holdem with real money bets and this is a good choice. With the top poker sites you will normally have the choice to play Omaha, 7 card stud and Omaha HI/LO as well if you want to.

There are a lot of free websites with Texas Holdem tips so this can be the best poker game for you to start with. Check out the other versions of poker as well because they can be very exciting. When you feel the need for something new, it might be time to advance with new poker versions and new strategies in the best poker casino online!

At the supercasino you can play Craps online

When you are in the supercasino be sure to get involved with a real casino classic which is Craps. Feel the heat from the online Craps dice game when you are playing at home using your smartphone.

Gambling on Craps is something a lot of people like to do because it has an element of strategy to it and not just luck. When you are involved in an online Craps game, it is impossible to predict how the dice will land for you. But you can learn more about Craps odds and pick the best bets this way.

Always remember that Craps is a fun online game but you can create a good strategy using the statistics. There is nothing better than trusting your instincts with Craps and winning due to this.

It is fun and easy to play online Craps

You can get started playing Craps online knowing nothing about the game. With a demo version you can try the game out and learn how to play it. Although there are a variety of bets you can make on a Craps game it is best to stay with standard choices when you are starting out.

Visit the Supercasino

Initially you only want to use The Pass Line to bet. When you become more familiar with the Craps dice game, you can place some bets using different options. As you are playing Craps online using your smartphone or computer, you do not have to take the opinions of other gamblers into account.

When you play Craps at the top gambling sites you are free to do what you want and don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone else. Just because most people would bet on The Pass Line, you can use a different approach and bet on The Don’t Pass Line and you won’t get any strange looks. Playing the classic Craps game online is the smartest thing that you can do!

You will never regret giving the classic casino game of Craps a try. A major benefit of using an online casino to play Craps is that there is no rush. You decide the time it will take you to advance with Craps. When you are in the supercasino play online Craps when it suits you.

Blackjack is the king of card games with a strategy

If you don’t want to rely on chance and prefer using skill then poker is the best card game. To start playing smarts there is no need for you to leave the casino part of the supercasino. You can get one over on the casino software when you play either live or regular Blackjack.

All you have to do is:

* Understand all of the rules in blackjack
* Use a good strategy with blackjack
* Bet within your budget
* Give it a try!

It is easy to play online blackjack and it is fun. In the demo version of the casino you can play blackjack for free. You can safely check that you know the rules of blackjack this way. You will find that there are a number of different versions of this casino classic.

When using blackjack strategy cards, it is essential that your card is a match to the game where you are betting. When you first play live blackjack, the first thing you will observe is that it is played at a much quicker pace than normal casino blackjack. There is very little thinking time in a live blackjack game as there are real players involved unlike when you just play the regular game with the casino computer.

You need to be really well prepared when you want to play live blackjack. Be aware of the game rules and keep your strategy uppermost in your mind. It will be easier for you to go with the flow of the game if you do this.

Always play your blackjack games at the top sites for gambling

You should play blackjack on the best online casino where you get safe and legit games. There are likely to be promotions for blackjack and other bonuses that will make everything more fun for you.

The best gambling websites will teach you how to deal in a blackjack game and also the rules that you need to observe when playing live blackjack. It doesn’t matter what skill level you are at because you will feel very comfortable and there is also the chance for you to really advance your game.

In the supercasino you can try online Baccarat

You cannot discuss the best gambling websites without mentioning the classic casino game of Baccarat. This is a card game that is often likened to blackjack. The games are different!

It is required that you either play on the Bank or you play on the Player. It is all about betting on the hand you predict will win. Be aware that the hands are not you and the casino as this is vital. If you select the Bank bet it does not mean that you are up against another player.

To get the best results from playing Baccarat from the beginning, you need to study how to properly play the game. This definitely applies if you fancy playing Baccarat live. There will be real players at the table in a live game, and there is also a live dealer who controls the game using the studio or casino video link.

It’s great fun to play Baccarat online and exciting too. It’s common to find that all casinos have the same games of Baccarat. It is possible that the casino software may create variations of the game. When you use the best strategy for Baccarat this is accounted for.

Tips for playing Baccarat

You will find the fairest and safest games in the supercasino and also a good bonus as well. You can always do more to enhance your online Baccarat gambling.

These are the smartest tips to follow:

Bet on the Player – When you have doubts about betting on either the Bank or the Player then place your bet on the Player. This is a winning Baccarat strategy!

Stop playing and cash out – From a winning position you need to quit and then cash out. You can easily lose your winnings by placing new bets.

Understand Baccarat odds – Take a good look at the game odds. Always know that the casino has the advantage so try your best to pick games that have the most favorable odds.

Keep within a budget – First create a budget for your betting and then keep within it. Be strong and keep to this ignoring those feelings that the next bet will be a winner. The next bet could get your money back, but this is not the best Baccarat experience.

Maintain your strategy – It is not a good idea to change your Baccarat strategy during a session. To see if your plan works, you need to stick to it longer than one game.

Play Baccarat on the top casino – It really matters which casino you choose. Only play on a supercasino that gives you the best conditions for learning and enjoying the game.

Roulette is a top casino game

No casino worth its salt would leave out roulette and my favorite casino certainly has this all time classic game. If you want to play roulette using Bitcoin you can or you can play the game using standard currency bets.

There is always excitement when you place a bet on the number that the ball will land on. It is possible to win a lot of money if you get lucky and chose the right number. But most roulette players stick to the easier roulette bets like the even ones. Going for odd or even is a much simpler choice.

It is great to win and with the simpler bets you will experience the excitement of winning a lot more often. There is no need to get stressed by placing riskier roulette bets when you can place simpler ones. It is still very entertaining for you to make the smaller wins.

If you are a beginner, you could start with free roulette games. Even if online roulette for real money doesn’t have to cost a lot, it is a risk. This is particularly true when learning the game rules. Keep all of your bets small when you are starting out with real money.

You will have several different versions to pick from. Some experts will tell you to steer clear of American roulette because it has double zero, but this is not always the case. It is true that the odds from French and European roulette are superior, but this does not mean that American roulette isn’t fun.

It is really exciting to play live roulette

Don’t pass up the chance to play exciting live roulette online. It is similar to a brick and mortar casino in that it is fast paced. Use your smartphone or computer to place bets. There is a live stream for watching the game and if you win the croupier will usually congratulate you!

It doesn’t matter if you play live roulette, iPhone roulette or Bitcoin roulette always remember to have fun. If you feel stressed by playing roulette online then take a break from it. It is not true that there are certain numbers in roulette that come up more than others, bet on the numbers that you have a good feeling about!

Visit the casino that has everything

Systems for betting on roulette

There are a number of betting systems for roulette to help you win back losses. Forget about these when you play online roulette. You can’t bet endless sums on the online roulette wheel and most of the roulette systems are only working in theory. Go for strategies that work instead like selecting the best casino for online roulette and correctly managing your bank.

Experience wild spins with online slots!

In all online casinos slots are the most popular games. It makes no difference if you are at the casino for a sports bet or for poker. The temptation of those new slot machines and wild spins will be too much for you.

Casino slots are made to give you fast entertainment. Anyone can understand them and there are great rewards available. You need to be aware that winning on slots is down to luck. Don’t think that you can outsmart these classic games because you can’t!

Free play of online slots

You can get your hands on a number of free slot rounds using different techniques. You can play these free rounds and actually win for real. At some casinos a slots bonus contains free spins. You can also select the slot games that have built-in free spins.

Also keep an eye out for different variations of free rounds on the slot games. You may get more on wild spins if there is a joker or wild involved for example. Trying to win more entertainment is a better strategy than trying to win more entertainment with bonus slots.

Slots are available in different types:

* Casino regular slots – These usually have 3 to 5 wheels There are very easy rules, winning is about matching symbols lining up. You will find these slots also named Las Vegas.
* The jackpot slots – Very exciting slot games. Every bet made with these slots makes the jackpot larger. A lot of players feel that they are the top online slots because there is the opportunity to win millions for bets of a few cents.
* Slot games with bonuses – Here you can get bonus features such as wilds, multipliers, scatters and others.
* Slots for free – Check out demo versions for free slot games. Real money wins are not possible with these free slot games. But you can use them to get used to a new slot game without having to risk any of your money while playing.

When you want to pick the best casino with slots you might opt for slots 77777 or you could go for the supercasino with all the latest titles full of wild spins and jackpots that are growing fast!

The bingo casino for playing daytime bingo

Although bingo is a classic game it is not always linked to slots and card games in casinos. However, online bingo really is a great fit for modern online casinos. If you get enjoyment from playing online slots and scratch cards, then you will enjoy playing online bingo for sure.

You can play daytime bingo in your home

It may be that you have a bingo hall very close to home. It is more convenient for you to play daytime bingo using your smartphone or computer at home.

The ability to play bingo alone is offered by most bingo websites and the best ones have bingo rooms for live bingo as well. It is really great fun lounging around on your couch playing daytime bingo on a Sunday!
You can learn to play online bingo for money.

There is nothing difficult about playing bingo online. If you played the board game as a child then it works in a similar way. Buy one or more bingo cards and then watch the draw to see if your numbers are revealed.

Playing bingo online at the casino means that you do not require bingo markers. Your bingo card numbers are checked automatically when drawn. You can also mark the numbers yourself if you think that it is fun.

Here are the types of bingo games:

* Full 90 ball bingo
* 80 balls bingo
* Full 75 balls bingo
* Jackpot bingo which is progressive
* Bingo patterns

The type of bingo you play will be determined by the look of the bingo card as well as the number of bingo balls in the draw. The common thing with all the bingo game types is that there is a draw and numbers on the bingo cards.

You will not be confused by the different styles of bingo cards for different types of games. The right numbers coming up in the draw will always be the object of the game no matter what type it is. But you might be asked to fill in a specific pattern, complete a row or fill in the entire bingo card. The variations are really simple to absorb and understand.

Online bingo games for free

You will normally play bingo for real money. It’s possible to play for free and then win real money. This is a bingo bonus that you get by becoming a member of a website for online bingo. There are no big winnings with free bingo games like there are with the ones for real money. But these games are fun to play.

In the best bingo casino online you can use a smart bonus to get more games for free. This bonus provides you with more entertainment and could help you to win more.

It is not expensive to play bingo online. But stick to your budget and keep it healthy. In common with other casino games, always have fun first when you play online bingo. Whether you are playing online bingo against the computer or a live online bingo game, always check yourself to see if it is fun for you. If you find that you are not enjoying yourself then take a break and find something else to do!

Playing the lottery online

A lot of countries have been playing lotto for centuries. Now you can have a lot of fun playing the lottery online. If you play in the supercasino, there are special versions you can play that are unique to there.

You will find lotto very easy to play. All you have to do is to choose some numbers and then hope they are drawn so you win. It is similar to the game of bingo. Sometimes a lotto draw is immediate and sometimes you have to wait a few hours or even a few days.

Yes you can get your tickets for the huge Powerball lottery online now but there are also other exciting lottery games that you may not know about. Only choose a lottery game to play once you have seen the available jackpot.

Remember these important things about playing lotteries:

It is not easy to win a lottery. Visit the Supercasino But everyday someone wins. But don’t expect to win millions easily. Most players only get small wins every so often. It is not expensive to play lottery online and you will not lose a lot by chancing your arm playing it.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you should remember when you buy your lotto ticket:

Stick to the rules – Read the rules of the lottery carefully before playing. It is possible to win more by selecting the best numbers.


Select a safe site to play lotto – Watch out for unscrupulous lotto sites. Be careful of scam sites. They will just take your money. Just purchase real lottery tickets from legit online casinos.

Enjoy your lotto games – If losing at lotto makes you down then find another game that you will enjoy. It should be fun to play lottery games. Winning or losing doesn’t matter.

Go for well known lotteries – Make the effort to learn about the various lottery games such as Powerball and other famous ones. Take a look at the stats and select the jackpot lottery which you believe will be the most fun to play no matter what the outcome.

Make a note of the draw times – When you play a number of different lotteries it is easy to forget the draw times. Believe it or not, many lottery wins are never claimed simply because people forget about them. Don’t be one of these people. Keep your tickets in a safe place and check to see if you have won!

If you win big on the lottery what would you do?

Think about this for a moment. It is fun to do this as part of playing Powerball or other online lotteries. Fantasizing and making plans can give you some new energy. If you have a plan for a big win, cracking the jackpot will make you much happier.

Have a look at what other lottery winners did with their lotto jackpot. There will be some that lost it all on new games. It can easily happen so be ready for a possible reality as a sudden lotto millionaire!

Horse race betting using a racebook

If you like horse racing, you don’t want to miss out on placing bets. When you use a racebook you can place a wager on the following race. By predicting the outcome correctly, your bet will be a winner.

You will have a lot of fun betting on horse races. On the supercasino you will find the very best sportsbook. You can bet on a horse race that is happening anywhere on the planet. Keep track of your favorites and bet on them when they compete.

All over the world people enjoy online horse race betting. With live horse racing you can see everything as it happens. This is incredibly exciting. You feel like you are actually at the horse race event.

The top betting on horse races

When you want to bet on the horses online, take into account the odds offered, the convenience and the variety. Horse racing in the casino is not the same everywhere. Some sites make it difficult for beginners to start horse wagering.

You must feel that the site is safe and that you are in control. No matter if you are planning to get into Greyhound betting or if you want to stick to horse racing gambling. Here are some of the really important things that you must consider:

* If you want the answer to an urgent question about placing bets on horse racing online will this be available?
* Are there bonuses available with the racebook?
* Is it safe to bet on horse races with the site and is its reputation good?
* Do you have the option to change your mind when it comes to online derby betting?

It is essential that you fully understand how it all works before you join a casino with a horse racing sportsbook. Always remember that there are a lot of horse race bookmakers available and choose one that offers the best service.

Read the reviews and give those that seem the best a try

One way to figure out if the supercasino with sportsbook is your best pick is to read reviews. These reviews are usually written by those that have positive thoughts towards a gambling website but they will still provide some vital information.

Read them carefully for details about requirements for bonuses, how you can sign up and other important information. Be sure to research all that you can on the casino and sportsbetting prior to becoming a member as this will greatly benefit you.

Visit the Supercasino

When you feel certain that this is one of the legit online casinos that will offer you solid casino horse racing, you can try it out. Bet smaller amounts and analyze the results you get. You can always move to another horse racing book online if you are not happy overall with the experience.